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notes from a virtual mountaintop retreat

❝ After almost 60 years of trying, I'd finally had enough! I decided to “drop out” and take myself on a virtual retreat to an imaginary mountaintop for as long as it took.

That experience changed my life. ❞


Feeding Miss Lilly

on feeding dogs a great, nature-inspired diet (revised edition)

❝ Loads of books and articles have been written about feeding dogs, and yet myths and misconceptions abound. Perhaps the most pernicious is that it's beyond the ability of the average person. Let me relieve you of that notion right now.  ❞


The Highly Sensitive Dog

making life easier for these wonderful dogs

❝ This short e-book is written by a veterinarian who lived with her own highly sensitive dog. It's for people who are struggling to understand their highly sensitive dogs.  ❞


Better Together

how the animals we love can inspire our creativity and transform our shared lives

In her wonderful new book, veterinarian Dr Christine King explains, with stories from her own life, how the animals we love can inspire our creativity and thereby transform our shared lives.

The key is this:

“Loving them, and being loved in return, makes us feel good — and that changes everything…"


Upcoming Books

The Game

hide  seek  find  laugh

❝ The game is what, and why, the formative and transformative intelligence of our universe is doing on this physical plane at this time. ...

If playfulness, enjoyment, is the hallmark of universal creation, at any scale, then the same must be true for all successful human endeavors.  ❞

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