The Game

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Christine King

Coming in early 2024

The Game is the title of Dr King's next book.

The Dedication reads:

For all those who wander and haven't yet stopped to wonder for themselves.

Table of Contents



The game of individuation

Why do we forget?


Lost in the game again

'Live it' into being

I give up!

The game, embodied

The sticky habit of aloneness

The illusion of control

Relinquish control

Social media

Reconciling our two states

Prepare to be astonished

Dare to ...

Let it

Let all things, all avenues, be possible

This wild idea

Becoming something new

The Game is due to be released in early 2024.

About the author

Christine (Chris) King is a holistic equine veterinarian who currently lives in southern Victoria, Australia. Her interests include the medical sciences (veterinary and human), complementary and alternative medicine, music, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, communication, spirituality, and the bonds we share with our animals. The Game is her eleventh book.